The founder of Smiling Duck has been in the business, the US, and Japan for more than 20 years and he established the US-based corporation in early 2000.

The company distributed the products from Japan to the US and the European country by utilizing his networks.

The founder created the nationwide distribution system for delivering the products smoothly to the clients. He assisted several promotional films shooting with major clients from overseas.


Our Clients


ID Corporation (Hawaii)
GolfPartner, inc (Japan)
R Design, inc (Goregia)
LA Golf Shaft (California)
Dominant Golf, LLC (Illinois)
JUCIE inc. (Japan)
AXIS1 Golf (Massachusetts)
Gold Star Sign, inc (California)
NHK INTEX Corp. (California)
GATSBY GOLF, LLC (California)
Anhui Light Industries International Co. Ltd (China)
Holdhand Industrial, inc (California)
Xiamen TH Sport, inc (China)
Vessel HQ (California)
Redvandy, inc (New York)
Melin (California)
Juntendo University (Japan)
Kagoshima Kokusai University (Japan)


Business Partners

Business Partnersational Ventures, inc (USA, Sweden)
HeatEx, LLC (California)
JUCIE inc. Business Partners(Japan)
GolfPartner, inc (Japan)
R Design, inc (Goregia)
Redvandy, inc (New York)
Melin (California)

Former Clients

Payton, Co LTD (Japan)
Overland, LLC (California)
Globeride, inc (Japan)
America Daiwa, inc (California)
Fourteen, LTD (Japan)


More Expertise


The Smiling Duck, inc wants to provide many smiles from our services that provide happy environments at the goal of our works.




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